Migrants, Mayor Pantelleria: “Shame on children stuck on NGOs”

“The solution to the phenomenon is not to leave the castaways in the sea. From the government theater”. Meanwhile, landings continue on the island: about 160 in the center. Transfers tomorrow

“At this moment as an Italian I can only try shame. It is not by blocking ships at sea for four to five days that the migratory phenomenon is tackled. So you only play with people’s lives. And if there are children and women on those ships, perhaps pregnant, I think we should all feel profound shame. In the face of vulnerable subjects, sensitivity and attention should be even greater. “This is what Adnkronos says Vincenzo Campomayor of Pantelleria, about the hard line against ong announced in recent days by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi. In the central Mediterranean, three humanitarian ships are waiting to be able to land their ‘cargo’ of human lives: almost a thousand shipwrecked, including newborns, minors who have crossed the Mediterranean alone and women, some of them pregnant, have been waiting for days on the decks of the ships.

On board theHumanity1, where a minor with severe abdominal pain was evacuated by the Italian Coast Guard, there is also a 7-month-old baby and his young mother of just 17, who can no longer breastfeed. And there is Buba, 18, from The Gambia, who has already tried twice to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard and brought back. “I’m so glad you saved me, I could stay on this ship forever,” he says. He told the Humanity1 team about his travel companions who disappeared in the waves. The night before being rescued about ten people ended up in the water. “Maybe someone fell asleep and dragged the others”, speculates Buba. Four managed to get back on board, but six others did not. “We saw them disappear in the waves.”

“At the mole Meloni government I say stop with this theater – adds the mayor -. Instead, it is necessary to work with Europe for the redistribution of migrants, because Italy is the point of arrival but not the final destination for 80 percent of those arriving on our shores. And it is also necessary to weave diplomatic networks on the front of the countries of North Africa because those who flee flee from wars, misery and violence. And he faces the sea relying on traffickers because there are no legal ways of access. “On his island, landings are daily. Small boats, especially Tunisians.” If they arrive from other countries, it is because they have usually taken the wrong route “, he explains, underlining that “the situation is under control, even if we are in emergency“. There are, in fact, 160 migrants currently present in Pantelleria. For tomorrow the Prefecture of Trapani has arranged an extraordinary journey of the ferry to Pantelleria.

“About a hundred should leave – says Campo -. Even if the situation is not simple, it is certainly better than last year, even if the numbers of arrivals are decidedly higher. The absence of anti-health protocols. Covid which also imposed quarantine the contacts of subjects positive to the virus, with migrants forced to stay up to 20 days on the island, speeded up the procedures and transfers “. Interior Ministrywhile reiterating that landings “do not depend only on NGOs”, he stressed that the presence of humanitarian ships at sea is “an attraction factor for migrants”, the so-called pull factor.

“In the Mediterranean the massacres, if there are files that demonstrate what the minister says, investigations are welcome – concludes the mayor of Pantelleria -. Perhaps, however, we should reflect on the fact that their presence at sea has prevented other deaths. Certainly the migratory phenomenon must be managed and regulated, but the solution is not to leave these people at sea for days before allowing the disembarkation. The center-right, once again, proves that it is unable to tackle the migrant issue “. (By Rossana Lo Castro)