Migrants, mayor Pozzallo: “Government unprepared, spot rules are not enough”

In the center of Ragusa soon a Cpr. Ammatuna: “A country of 60 million inhabitants cannot be terrorized by 120,000 arrivals. The Sicilian region? A major absentee”

“The contamination of cultures can be an opportunity for development, a country of 60 million inhabitants cannot be terrorized by 120,000 arrivals. If well organized, migratory flows can be an opportunity. Then it is obvious that if there are some criminals among those who arrive, they must be hit, but, as the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and Pope Francis have well said, immigration is a structural phenomenon, the problem is to govern it well and the current Executive it proved totally unprepared in the face of numbers widely expected for months “. To tell Adnkronos is R
oberto Ammatuna, mayor of Pozzalloa few days after the launch – announced by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, for September 1st – of a rapid repatriation center in the large center of Ragusa. The structure, which is located in the Modica-Pozzallo industrial area, will increase the capacity of the hotspot, which has been put to the test by the continuous arrivals of migrants, also following the transfers from Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle.

“Our center can accommodate around 200 migrants, but we always travel with at least double the attendance – explains Ammatuna -. The new structure, which – should be dismantled at the end of the year – will allow accommodate 300 people in a dignified way. Some of the seats available 84 to be precise, they will be intended for Cpr“. The discussions in recent weeks have been continuous. “I asked that humanity be guaranteed – he underlines – because those who arrive are not numbers but human beings. At the same time I demanded security with a system cameras and greater police checks. I received ample reassurances”. Currently the Pozzallo hotspot hosts 398 migrants, including 16 families, while in the reception center in the Cifali district, intended for minors, there are 134 guests.

In the meantime, the Government is working on a new one Security decree. “I have been repeating it for some time, the migratory phenomenon cannot be resolved with spot measures that melt like snow in the sun – points out the mayor of Pozzallo -. We saw this with the visits of the last few weeks when a memorandum with Tunisia was announced with triumphal tones, without the agreement having any effect. Continuous interlocutions are needed not only with the countries of North Africa but also with the sub-Saharan countries. The Meloni government has proved to be absolutely unprepared in the face of a widely expected phenomenon and the most angry are the mayors of the League, who had been promised ‘zero landings’ and who now find themselves managing an increase in numbers”. citizen of Pozzallo, who has always been active on the reception front, “the placements of migrants in the various Municipalities are happening in a hasty way and, despite the great effort of the Viminale and Commissioner Valenti, without a government strategy“.

“The migratory phenomenon – underlines Ammatuna – must become part of the agenda of all governments, including the current one which certainly has more difficulties than the others”. The solution for the mayor passes from a commitment on several fronts. “First of all, we must forcefully ask for aEuropean mare nostrum, seeking a greater connection with our European partners and certainly not with the Visegrad Group. It is also necessary to carry out a serious placement of migrants in a strategy of widespread receptionwhich is the only way. Finally, give more support for NGOs instead of hitting them as they continue to do by blocking humanitarian operations. I understand, however, that for a government that preached naval blockades it is not a simple operation”. Then the appeal to the Democratic Party. “Even Schlein should have a more constructive attitude. Look for dialogue with the Government – explains Ammatuna -. The migratory phenomenon requires a bipartisan approach, the country needs to present itself in a united and compact Europe in order to have more ‘bargaining power'”.

And we also need a “greater synergy” with the Sicilian region which on the subject, on the contrary is “absolutely absent“. “A scandal”, the mayor cuts short, explaining that “the only institutional comfort in recent years has come from the Prefecture and the Ministry of the Interior, beyond the political position of the ministers who have followed one another, thanks to an efficient, effective and concrete Viminale bureaucracy”. On the contrary to the Municipalities that “deal with the problems connected to the migratory phenomenon on a daily basis, Palazzo d’Orleans does not provide any support”. “Sicily is the center of the migration phenomenon – underlines Ammatuna -, but the Region does not seem to notice it. The budget does not provide resources for the municipalities that are called upon to deal with arrivals on a daily basis. On the contrary, those few pennies foreseen in the past have been canceled in favor of festivals and celebrations. A shame, a real indecency. I’d like to understand what President Schifani’s position is, what kind of support he intends to give to the Municipalities. The truth is that the governor does not raise the problem. Here, greater institutional synergy would be important”, concludes Ammatuna.