Migrants, Meloni: “A change of approach from the EU. Now move forward”

The premier spoke to the press after the meeting with the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte: “We discussed in the last EU Council in a very pragmatic way and perhaps with a common vision”

“With Rutte we discussed in the last EU Council in a very pragmatic way and perhaps with a common vision on the fact that the migration issue must be tackled starting from the defense of the external borders and the fight against traffickers, an issue which as far as Italy is concerned becomes even more more relevant in the aftermath of the Cutro tragedy”, said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in her press statements after the meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “A change of approach” by Europe on the issue of immigration is confirmed, he added, referring in particular to the response of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to the letter that the premier had sent to the EU institutions.

“Satisfied with von der Leyen’s response”

“As you know, I wrote a letter to the top European institutions. I am satisfied with the response of the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen who takes up the conclusions of the last European Council, which confirms a change of approach on the migration issue, the awareness of a European problem that must be tackled at a European level, the awareness of the need to fight human trafficking and traffickers, also to save human lives, cooperation with African countries”, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said again.

“EU Council must take steps forward on migrants”

“We agree that the next European Council must take concrete steps forward on migration matters, on the issue of the central Mediterranean route and cooperation with African countries”, added Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni after the meeting with the prime minister Dutch.

“The Pact needs a stability-growth balance

“In the Stability and Growth Pact, the theme of the balance between stability and growth must be taken into greater consideration, both are necessary”, added Meloni again. “Even on the economic issues at the center of the next European Council, dialogue between Italy and the Netherlands is essential, as it was in the last one. Italy hopes for courageous responses, for us it means above all flexibility in the use of existing funds so as not to create disparities in the single market when it chooses to intervene with a relaxation of the rules on state aid”.

“Implement Defense Cooperation”

Among other topics, “we discussed organized crime, and I am proud that the Netherlands considers the Italian model of fighting the mafia a model to refer to. We are ready to collaborate”, explained Giorgia Meloni again. Furthermore “we intend to implement our cooperation in the defense sector, with the international situation we are experiencing it is increasingly important that we manage to be united on these matters”.

Rutte: “Fight against smugglers to prevent tragedies like in Cutro”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte added that “migration requires an efficient European approach. This terrible shipwreck last week with dozens of people drowned has further demonstrated the urgency of preventing this kind of tragedy, of having to make a united fight against human traffickers. We must demolish this inhumane business.” Furthermore ”we must harmonize the visa policy and be more present in Africa. We want to see what we can do to reach agreements.”