Migrants, Meloni in Tunisia: “Joint declaration with the EU is an important step”

The premier after the meeting with President Saied together with von der Leyen and Rutte: “Rome and Italy will be ready to organize the international conference on migration and development”

“I fully agree with what von der Leyen said, whom I want to thank for his tireless work. Only five days have passed since my trip to Tunisia and we managed to obtain an important result today, also the result of the diplomatic work of the Italian government”. As the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, after the meeting in Tunis with the President of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Saied, together with the President of the European Commission von der Leyen and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “We are happy – he added – with this joint declaration signed between the EU and Tunisia, it is an important step towards the creation of a real partnership with the EU that can address both the migration crisis and the development of the Mediterranean shores in an integrated way. We have an important window of opportunity, between now and the end of the month, the date on which the EU council will take place, to arrive on that date with a memorandum already signed between the Union and Tunisia”.

Rome and Italy will be ready to organize the international conference on migration and developmentabout which we spoke with President Saied, which is a further step on this path”, added the premier.

“This is also preparatory for making progress in the important agreement between Tunisia and the International Monetary Fund”, added the Italian premier. “We are committed, as this image demonstrates” with President Von der Layen and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte “to give an answer to our Tunisian neighbours”, he concluded.

Sources: “EU mission to Tunis is recognition of Italy’s role”

“Just 10 days have passed since the three-way meeting in Chisinau, when Meloni, von der Leyen and Rutte discussed the possibility of a visit to Tunis for Sunday 11 June: the goal was reached in a very short time: 1 June meeting in Chisinau, June 2 Meloni’s phone call to Saied, Meloni’s visit on June 6. The joint declaration is very relevant, which contains important commitments because they outline an action by both the European Union and Tunisia. It is another positive sign of the role that is recognized in Italy”. This is according to diplomatic sources, after the mission in Tunis.