Migrants, “Meloni inhuman and ineffective”: new Italy-France clash

For Stephane Séjourné, head of President Emmanuel Macron’s party, “the far right is incompetent and impotent”. Salvini: “Unacceptable and offensive tones”

New clash between Italy and France on the issue of migrants. To light the fuse this time are the words of Stephane Séjourné, head of Renaissance, the party of President Emmanuel Macron. Meloni, said the French politician according to Le Figaro, “he does a lot of demagoguery on irregular immigration: his policy is unjust, inhuman and ineffective“. “The French far right takes the Italian far right as a model. We must denounce their incompetence and their impotence”, added the French newspaper quoted in an article on the crisis between Italy and France entitled “Despite their differences, Meloni agitated as an anti-Le Pen bogeyman by the government”.

In recent days, the French government has tried to mend the rift created following the statements of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who defined the Italian premier “incapable” of managing the country’s migration policy and which prompted Foreign Minister Tajani to cancel a visit to Paris. But now Séjourné’s words add new fuel to the fire.

Immediate the Matteo Salvini’s reply. “Unacceptable and offensive tones. France cannot teach anyone lessons. Show respect to the Italian government”, wrote the deputy prime minister on Twitter.