Migrants, Meloni sees Salvini and ‘blind’ Piantedosi

Premier receives a positive response from von der Leyen and is confident of progress already at the next EU Council

He receives the positive response from Ursula von der Leyen, sees Matteo Salvini to shore up the government’s strategy on migrants, and applauds the speech in the Chamber by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi on the shipwreck of Cutro. Absent from the Chamber during the hours in which the head of the Viminale keeps his information under fierce attack by the opposition, Giorgia Meloni silences the voices of disagreements and frictions in a note in which, in the evening, he put pen to paper that the massacre on the Crotone coast – which now exceeds 70 victims and does not stop the dramatic death toll – “cannot be the responsibility of the Coast Guard or the Guardia di Finanza who have acted with correctness”, therefore “there were no shortcomings in the rescue operations“: as Piantedosi argued in the Chamber, “the tragedy was caused by the criminal behavior of the smugglers”.

With Salvini, at Palazzo Chigi, Meloni finalizes the first moves of a long-term strategy that the government is defining on the migrant dossier, starting from Thursday CDM to be held in Cutro. Where no missteps are allowed. The government will have to march united, show itself close to a tragedy that has touched Italy and moved the European Union: von der Leyen’s words give hope for progress already in the next European Council, to “prevent tragedies like those of Cutro will be repeated in the future”, Palazzo Chigi remarks, commenting on the response from Brussels.

It is probable that the topic dear to the League was touched upon between Meloni and Salvini, but in Thursday’s CDM there will be no room for crackdowns or tightening on residence permits. The measures will go in the direction of raising the penalties for smugglers, strengthening humanitarian corridors and enhancing regular flows. On the contents, sealed mouths. On the news leaks of recent days and the rumors of tensions between Palazzo Chigi and Viminale, however, the nervousness is palpable. “I’m not saying anything because you only write ca..ate”, the Undersecretary of the Interior, at Lega level, Nicola Molteni, burst out in Transatlantico with the reporters. But it is clear that the rules contained in the Salvini decrees of 2018 will not find a home in Cutro: this is not the moment, we will see later, now there is only to hit those who are guilty of a drama destined to remain in the history of Village. This is the message that will have to come out loud and clear, without hesitation, from the small town in the Crotone area which has less than 10,000 souls and which in days will see the government arrive in full force.