Migrants, Meloni writes to Scholz: “Surprised by funds not coordinated with NGOs”

In a message to the German Chancellor, the Prime Minister criticizes Berlin’s choice to “support with relevant funds non-governmental organizations involved in welcoming irregular migrants on Italian territory”. And she reminds us: we need to “focus on structural solutions”. I also criticize Salvini: “It’s a shame”

Tension between Italy and Germany on the issue of migrants. “I learned with amazement that your government – in a manner not coordinated with the Italian government – would have decided to support with significant funds non-governmental organizations involved in welcoming irregular migrants on Italian territory and in rescues in the Mediterranean Sea. Both possibilities raise questions”, writes the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (THE MIGRANTS SPECIAL).

Meloni: “Focus on structural solutions”

Meloni therefore cites Berlin’s choice to finance some NGOs. And he believes that “the efforts, including financial, of the EU Nations interested in providing concrete support to Italy should rather concentrate on building structural solutions to the migration phenomenon, for example by working on an EU initiative with the transit countries of the southern shore of Mediterranean, which moreover would require fewer resources than that which has long been in place with Turkey”.

Salvini: “Germany must stop funding NGOs in Italy”

The leader of the League and Minister of Transport, Matteo Salvini, is also critical: “It is a shame, an outrage and a hostile act that foreign countries finance foreign private associations to bring illegal immigrants to Italy”. “It’s as if Italy financed associations in France, Germany, or who knows where”, he continued, “to facilitate irregularities”. “I’m counting on the German government to stop funding

who participates in an unacceptable flow of irregular immigrants into our country”, he added.

German Foreign Minister against naval blockade

Meanwhile, the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, has spoken out against the hypothesis of a “naval blockade” to stop the migrant boats: “For all states, and also for the Federal Republic of Germany, the foundation is the Convention European Union of Human Rights”, the “basis on which we make all laws and there are also clear rules on the issue of bringing back boats on the high seas. Protection must be given to people who are in difficulty at sea, not can simply reject it,” the Greens member argued in an interview on German radio Deutschlandfunk.