Migrants, Minister of France: “EU unity, responsibility and solidarity”

Laurence Boone thanks “the 11 countries who helped us” with Ocean Viking. Meanwhile, Paris and the United Kingdom sign the agreement on Channel patrols

During the Foreign Affairs Council “migration issues will be evoked. I will recall the importance of European unity, responsibility for human lives and solidarity”. Like this French Minister of European Affairs Laurence Boone, on the sidelines of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. Speaking of solidarity, “I thank the eleven countries that help France, welcoming the migrants who arrived last week” with the Ocean Viking ship. The minister did not accept questions from journalists, limiting herself to a statement.

FRANCE-GB AGREEMENT SIGNED ON SLEEVE PATROLS – France and the United Kingdom signed a new agreement this morning to jointly combat the flow of migrants crossing the Channel, a source of ongoing tensions between Paris and London. This was announced by the French Ministry of the Interior.

According to the joint declaration of the two countries, the agreement provides in particular that the British pay 72.2 million euros in 2022-2023 to France, which, in exchange, will increase the security forces by 40% (350 additional policemen and gendarmes , including reservists) on its beaches, from where migrants leave for the UK. The deal comes the day after the British Defense Ministry announced a record number of migrants, over 40,000, who have crossed the English Channel since the beginning of the year.