Migrants, Minister Urso on Sky TG24: “The government’s commitment is to fight smugglers”

The minister of companies and made in Italy also returned to Piantedosi’s statements after the shipwreck of Cutro: “In a moment of great emotion, a few words may have been inappropriate, but we are united in supporting it”

Interviewed on the microphones of Sky TG24, the minister of enterprises and made in Italy Adolfo Urso spoke about the situation of migrants and the shipwreck of Cutro, also touching on the theme of the automotive industry and the new secretary of the Democratic Party passed to Elly Schlein.

From the shipwreck of Cutro to the words of Piantedosi

“The Pope made it clear a few days ago that he had to stop the smugglers, this has always been the position of the Italian government and of Giorgia Meloni” said Adolfo Urso. “The Pontiff also said that Europe cannot leave Italy alone, and fortunately there are Mediterranean countries of Europe which in a document have asked the other European nations to secure the maritime border – the minister said -. Countries like Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Malta, countries that have to face the same dramatic problem as us. Europe must help those fleeing war by fighting the traffickers of people and death”. And on Piantedosi’s words after the shipwreck of Cutro: “In a moment of great emotion, some words may have been inappropriate, but what matters are the actions that I think are shared by everyone”.

“We gave Europe a wake-up call on the transition to electric cars”

On the halt to EU measures on the transition to electric cars, Urso spoke like this: “It is necessary to give companies time to make investments. We wanted to give Europe a wake-up call, the council postponed the decision and an important debate was opened, many countries have joined Italy. Even the German chancellor expressed himself clearly and in harmony with the Italian position. This shows that Italy counts in Europe, and when it expresses itself, it determines. We have different positions with France on the switch to electric, but we have nevertheless defined a common policy that allows us to open a debate on European trade policy, Europe must put a stop to unfair competition against those countries that do not respect environmental and social standards such as China “.

“The government has shown full cohesion in everything”

Then on the unity of the Meloni government: “The government has unanimously approved every provision, has shown full cohesion in everything, even the most critical, and in parliament it has obtained the consent of the majority and the opposition. The Ilva decree is was approved unanimously, then in parliament with a large majority, such as the Lukoil decree. invest”.

“We hope that the left will become a political alternative”

Finally a comment on Elly Schlein, new secretary of the Democratic Party: “I believe that with Schlein there is a left that reaffirms itself, and I think this strongly strengthens Italian democracy. We hope that the left will become a political alternative” . Then on the path of the Meloni government: “This completely new right has managed to bring those contemporary values ​​and programs to the government of the nation. I think this is especially important next year when the European elections will define new balances”.