Migrants: “My love, I’m coming”, the telephone line falls and dies in the shipwreck

(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – “Love, I see the coasts, we are almost there. I love you”. It is 4 in the morning on Sunday when the young Tunisian calls her Syrian husband to announce, very happy, that she is almost arriving in Crotone. He, on the phone in Germany, is very happy. They will finally meet again after years. But then the line goes dead and the phone goes off forever. The husband, unaware of everything, starts watching TV and discovers that there has been a shipwreck in Crotone. So he takes the first plane and rushes from Germany to Crotone. Here he presents himself to the Cara di Capo Rizzuto and asks about his Tunisian wife. She will give her name and surname but she is not among the survivors present. The wife is among the missing in the shipwreck. Then the terrible news: her wife is among the 62 victims of the shipwreck. The world falls on her Syrian husband. To tell Adnkronos this sad story is Ignazio Mangione, director of the Cara di Capo Rizzuto who has collected the testimony of the man.

“It was really heartbreaking – he says – to tell that man that his wife was not present and that she was first among the missing and then among the victims”. “Collecting the testimonies of the survivors, it turned out that among the victims there was a young Tunisian, then a Syrian man arrived looking for his wife. He had been to the hospital. We asked him what his wife’s name was and, unfortunately, the data matched. So with the help of a psychologist we told him that his wife was among the missing”, Mangione still tells Adnkronos. “I still remember his face when we told him that he was among the missing there, he looked at us smiling because he thought we were telling him we had found her. Instead we had to tell him that his wife had died in the shipwreck”. The desperate Syrian is now at the sports hall for the official recognition of his wife’s body.