Migrants, new arrivals in Lampedusa: five landings during the night

Over 200 people arrived, 48 of whom were traced to the island

New landings in Lampedusa. In just a few hours, 186 people arrived on the island late yesterday evening. At dawn on the largest of the Pelagians two more arrivals.

The first 17, all men, were tracked down yesterday evening on the mainland, as were 31 other migrants, including 3 women and six minors. Then during the night there were three landings, with respectively 50 migrants on board, 48 and 40. They come from Ghana, Egypt, Burkina Faso, South Sudan. But also from Bangladesh, Eritrea, Morocco, Egypt and Somalia. They were all transferred to the hotspot on the island of Lampedusa.

Then a small boat of about 4 meters in which 21 Tunisians and Libyans were travelling, including 2 minors, was intercepted by Coast Guard men. They told the rescuers that they left Zarzis, Tunisia, on Tuesday evening. Another 12, however, managed to reach the island directly: the carabinieri tracked them down in Cala Pisana. Among them also two women and as many accompanied minors. They come from Tunisia and Morocco and would have paid 2 thousand Tunisian dinars for the journey. With the latest arrivals, the number of migrants hosted in the Imbriacola district hotspot rises to 230. There are no transfers scheduled for the morning.