Migrants, NGO decree approved by the Chamber with 187 votes in favour

The text desired by Interior Minister Piantedosi now passes to the Senate. Tajani: “No attitude against NGOs, but there are rules that must be respected”

The Chamber of Deputies approved the NGO decree law with 187 votes in favour, 139 against and only three abstentions. The text now goes to the Senate. Against the decree wanted by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi – which, among other things, obliges the humanitarian ships that provide assistance in the Mediterranean to bring the shipwrecked to the port decided by Rome, excluding the hypothesis of multiple rescues – they expressed themselves, among others, 65 German parliamentarians, unsuccessfully asking the Chamber to reject the proposal.

Tajani: “There are rules that must be respected”

For Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, “the text on NGOs is a text that lays down rules. There is no attitude against the NGO, but there are rules that must be respected by everyone. There is no doubt about the need to help those at sea, but rescue at sea is one thing and using a taxi is one thing, this is not good”. The deputy prime minister wanted to recall that “the Italian state helps and saves all those who are in difficulty, with the Guardia di Finanza and the harbor master’s office”.