Migrants, number of landings more than doubled in 2023

The data contained in the Viminale report: in the first seven months of the year 89,158 refugees arrived with an increase of 115.18%. Tunisia first country of departure, then Libya

The landings of migrants in Italy double in one year. According to the data contained in the Viminale 2023 dossier, arrivals rose from 41,435 in the first seven months of 2022 to 89,158 in the same period this year, recording a percentage variation of 115.18%. Of the total number of people arriving, 10,285 are unaccompanied minors.

In particular, 64,764 migrants were rescued following Sar events, 3,777 were rescued by NGOs (last year there were 6,224 rescues) while 24,394 (+27.36%) arrived via autonomous landings. Tunisia is the first country of departure (61.34% equal to 54,693) followed by Libya with 33.73% of departures (30,075). Repatriations also increased, passing from 2,000 to 2,561 (+28.05%).

As part of the expansion of the national reception system after the declaration of the state of emergency, the places available for migrants increased by 12.68%, going from 79,153 (April 10) to 89,193: in particular, the places in government reception centers they grew by 21.88%, the adult CAS by 11.61%, the centers for unaccompanied foreign minors +72.42%. There are 1,993 new places activated or in the process of being activated at hotspots or in temporary reception facilities.

As for international protection, asylum requests have increased, registering a +70.59% going from 42,475 to 72,460. The applications examined were almost stable (+1.07%). The number of residence permits issued increased from 1,108,991 in the first seven months of 2022 to 1,089,815.


Femicides decreased in the first seven months of 2023 (-7.79%) compared to the same period last year, going from 77 to 71. The murders of women are 36.4% of the total voluntary homicides. These are the data contained in the Viminale 2023 dossier which compares the first seven months of the year with the same period of 2022.

Reports of stalking decreased from 11,160 in the first 7 months of 2022 to 8,607 in the same period of this year, while warnings from the police commissioner increased (from 1,883 to 2,452). On the other hand, the removals decreased from 222 to 182.


In the first seven months of the year, crimes fell overall by 5.46%, homicides remained stable (195) but those attributable to organized crime recorded a decrease of 36.36% (from 22 to 14). Thefts and robberies rose from 539,920 to 554,975 and from 14,979 to 15,486 respectively. The number of people reported decreased from 490,097 to 434,940 and the arrests from 90,451 to 86,543. Anti-drug operations increased by 6.18% and so did the seized drugs: 49,117.52 kg since the beginning of the year. Operations against organized crime increased by 35.56% and 17 prominent fugitives were arrested, including the two most dangerous super-fugitives (Matteo Messina Denaro and Pasquale Bonavota).

Overall, the number of seized and confiscated assets rose from 9,316 to 10,178. Also an increase in the number of assets destined by the Anbsc (3,464 since the beginning of the year) increased by 126.85% (+141.78 properties). As for the dissolution of local authorities, 10 measures have been adopted since 22 October 2022, of which three in Sicily, three in Calabria, two in Lazio, one in Campania and one in Puglia. There are 14 extensions of the dissolution measures adopted and seven anti-mafia inspections in the Municipalities, of which five are underway.

As for the fight against international terrorism, 35 people have been expelled for reasons of state security (in the first seven months of 2022 there were 40) and eight extremists arrested (there were 19). 146 foreign fighters are monitored.