Migrants, Open Arms Italia: “Unconstitutional act from the Government”

President Alfonsi: “Saving lives is not a crime, Geo Barents stopped and fined for having rescued vulnerable people, it’s truly incredible”

a”unconstitutional act” born of a government that has “the priority of stopping those who save lives”. Veronica Alfonsi, president of Open Arms Italy, is clear. “Once again, the decision is to focus on ships that save lives at sea, hitting them, stopping them, hindering their work in every way possible,” she told Adnkronos. After the definitive go-ahead from the Senate, the NGO decree became law and a few hours after that approval, the Geo Barents, the ship of Doctors Without Borders, was detained and fined. “For doing what? For rescuing vulnerable people who otherwise would have died. It’s truly amazing,” says Alfonsi.

“Yet there would be things to do for this country, including setting up a reception system that is worthy of the name and that not only respects people’s dignity, but makes it possible to build an open, inclusive, supportive society – he adds – Not to mention rescue at sea which should be coordinated, structured and strengthened”. The president of Open Arms Italia, however, has no doubts. “The humanitarian ships will not stop, we are used to having to fight against abuses and violations. Until now the law has always proved us right and we are confident that it will continue to do so, because the truth is only one: saving lives cannot be considered a crime. Never“, he concludes.