Migrants, opposition against Italy-Albania agreement: “It’s deportation”

Pd: “Dangerous and ambiguous mess”. +Europe: “An Italian Guantanamo? It’s illegitimate”

The opposition does not like the Italy-Albania agreement on migrants. From the Democratic Party which defines the agreement as a “dangerous mess” to Avs which speaks of “deportation” up to + Europa which brands the future centers managed by Italy in Albanian territory as the “Italian Guantamano”, the operation desired and signed today by Giorgia Meloni is not convincing.

Pd: “Smoke in the eyes”

“The agreement that the Meloni government has reached with the Albanian government seems to be configured as a dangerous, very ambiguous mess. In fact, if we are, as it seems, faced with asylum seekers, it seems absolutely unimaginable to carry out the asylum application verification procedures with Italian personnel and without the outlay of resources, as announced”, states Pierfrancesco Majorino, head of Migration Policies of the secretariat national party of the Democratic Party.

“It is not clear how any appeals can be managed and even less how any repatriations can occur in the absence of bilateral agreements. The government continues to pull dangerous wool over our eyes ignoring what we have been supporting for some time and President Mattarella had stated with great authority before us: we need new legal access routes. This should be the priority ground on which to work.” “Furthermore, we think that the battle must be resumed in Europe to change the rules deriving from the Dublin agreements and for true compulsory redistribution of reception management to take place. He makes choices that imply clear and transparent strategies.”

M5S: “A hoax”

The 5 Star Movement points the finger at the costs which are all borne by Italian taxpayers. “In just a year of government Giorgia Meloni has gone from the naval blockade which promised zero arrivals to hosting migrants at the expense of Italians at friends’ homes, but it is not with a simple sleight of hand that she will reverse course from the record number of landings in 2023 . The agreement with Albania does not bring any advantages for Italy and in fact nothing changes”, says the M5S MEP Laura Ferrara. “It will in fact be the Italian taxpayers – continues Ferrara – who will bear the costs of logistically building these centers from scratch and those for the human resources who will carry out disembarkation operations and screening. Furthermore, without a European relocation agreement, it will always be our country alone that will welcome those migrants who will be granted international protection. However, those who will be refused will have to remain in the Albanian center at our expense, for a period that Meloni has even extended. In short, a joke.”

We have doubtsIn the end, on respect for the European right to asylum and for this reason we will ask the European Commission to ensure that the human rights of asylum seekers are respected. Without European relocations and without legal access routes that include screening by the EU in safe third countries for asylum requests, it will always be Italy alone that will pay the greatest toll of the burdens associated with reception. We tell Meloni that Italians don’t let themselves be fooled”, concludes Ferrara.

Bonelli: “Deportation violates international law”

Extremely harsh for the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra, Angelo Bonelli. “What the government has defined as a ‘very important memorandum of understanding’ is nothing more than a push-back policy disguised as international cooperation, says Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesperson for Green Europe and deputy of the Green and Left Alliance, in a note. Defining these centers in Albania as simple places for managing migratory flows is euphemistic and misleading. What is happening is a real deportation in clear violation of conventions and international law: the principle of non-refoulement is clear and cannot be circumvented. We cannot tolerate the right to asylum being emptied of meaning through agreements that involve moving people to a non-EU country without sufficient guarantees for their fundamental rights. The Italian government is delegating the management of irregular migrants, effectively outsourcing its responsibilities, with the risk of creating detention camps that may not ensure adequate standards of welcome and respect for human dignity”.

Fratoianni: “We lacked relocation of castaways”

“All we needed was the relocation of castaways to Albania saved by the waters of the Mediterranean”, comments the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni. This right – continues the leader of SI – invents one every day: not happy with being isolated in Europe where it is evident that it counts for absolutely nothing, not happy with the new infamous CPR that wants to build around Italy, incapable of managing migration policies, is now committed to building and managing megacentres of dubious legal nature in Albania. I don’t dare to think but I can already imagine what could happen in those megacentres that have in mind – concludes Fratoianni – nothing good”.

+ Europe: “Italian Guantanamo is born”

For the secretary of +Europa Riccardo Magi “the agreement announced today by Giorgia Meloni and Edi Rama for the relocation of migrants is frightening. Practically a sort of Italian Guantanamo is being created, outside of any international standard, outside of EU without there being the possibility of checking the state of detention of the people locked up in these centres an illegitimate agreement: Italy cannot transport people rescued at sea to a country outside the EU, as if they were parcels or goods – he underlines -. In any case, everything concerning the condition of the foreign citizen must be regulated by a law that respects international conventions and European law. A memorandum of understanding is not enough.”