Migrants, Piantedosi: “5 thousand euros? It doesn’t concern Cpr”

“But facilities for those arriving from safe countries”, explains the Interior Minister. From tomorrow first center in Pozzallo for rapid procedures

The possibility of a “financial guarantee” of around 5 thousand euros that migrants can pay “does not concern people held in CPRs” but new “detention facilities for asylum seekers from safe countries”, the first of which “will be opened tomorrow in Pozzallo”. This was clarified by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, speaking on ‘Sud Invest’ in Benevento.

“The transposition of a European directive which will allow us to start something never done before tomorrow, the departure of the first detention facility for asylum seekers coming from safe countries, for example Tunisia, to ensure that assessment procedures can be carried out of the conditions for refugee status or to start an expulsion procedure with the prospect of doing so in one month and not as is now the case in three years with an increase in costs for the State”, he explained.

The EU directive “provides for the possibility of detaining them with a provision validated by the judicial authority and that the alternative to be offered is that they can decide to provide some sort of financial guarantee to avoid detention. It seems to me to be a marginal issue – he said the minister – with respect to the objective which is to resolve the historical problem of keeping people in limbo for years on our territory with a serious burden on the state budget”.

“We don’t worry about numbers but about unpredictable flows”

The numbers of migrants arriving in Italy “are not worrying at all for a country like ours, Italy suffers from the problem of how migratory flows present themselves – Piantedosi then explained – they are uncontrolled and uncontrollable arrivals and not always predictable in their dynamics across the Mediterranean, in a way that also requires attention to the dangerousness of transits”.

“So it’s not the problem of the overall number of people but of the fact that we are forced to manage it as something that is not entirely predictable as it presents itself. We have had waves, in 4 days last week 11 thousand people arrived after a stop of 4 days, this makes everything very complicated where then upon the arrival of these people a series of obligations must be triggered”, added the minister, expressing “pride for what the government has done” and underlining that “it did it together with the territories , to the mayors”.