Migrants, Piantedosi: “Crossings must be interrupted, avoid deaths at sea”

The Minister of the Interior announces: “We will propose a plan for North Africa to stop trafficking”

The death of a 20-day-old baby, who arrived in Lampedusa together with hundreds of migrants, “testifies that the crossings will be interrupted as soon as possible. Very often it is misunderstood that all the action, deployed by many sides, to try to stop these trafficking is oriented, no one knows what, in reality and why this situation is not sustainable ”. This was stated by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, answering questions from reporters during his visit to the Court of Appeal in Rome for a meeting with President Giuseppe Meliado ‘.

“Yesterday there was a near shipwreck with the recovery of about thirty people, then the news of the death of the newborn, last week there was another person who died of hypothermia: all this makes no sense to us. We want to avoid deaths at sea. And the statistics say it: stopping the trafficking also means breaking down the statistics of deaths at sea. We see these dramatic, tragic events as a further motivation to do everything ”, underlined the minister who announced a short meeting with the mayor of Lampedusa.

And then, Piantedosi explained, “We will materialize the action we are planning as a government to propose a plan for North Africa and above all to intensify relations with those countries in order to collaborate with them to stop these trafficking, supporting them in their economic development ”.