Migrants, Piantedosi: “France’s reaction is incomprehensible, Italy has welcomed 90 thousand”

The country “is alone, our reception system is in very serious difficulty. We will not adhere to the EU Pact that does not balance solidarity and responsibility”

On migrants “European solidarity is being heralded, but so far Italy has faced this problem alone and our reception system is in very serious difficulty”. This was stated by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, following the statements of the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin.

“The reaction that France is having in the face of the request to welcome 234 migrants – when Italy welcomed 90 thousand this year alone – is totally incomprehensible in the face of the constant calls for solidarity due to these people. But it also demonstrates how firm and determined the posture of other nations in the face of illegal immigration is. What we do not understand is why Italy should willingly accept something that others are not willing to accept “.

“In Italy – adds Piantedosi – almost 90 thousand people have landed this year. Thirteen European countries have undertaken to relocate a total of about 8,000 people, less than a tenth. So far 117 have been relocated in all (0.13% of the arrivals ), of which 38 in France (0.04%). Faced with these absolutely insufficient relocations, we want to impose the principle that Italy is the only possible landing place in Europe for illegal immigrants, thus determining a flow of admissions in significant growth in the last three years “.

“It is therefore clear that Italy will not be able to agree to solutions for a European Pact that is not adequately balanced between measures of solidarity and responsibility. The countries of first entry cannot, in fact, alone bear the burden of a exclusive responsibility in the management of flows “, concluded the owner of the Interior Ministry, adding that” for this reason we continue to argue that the most serious solution is to work together to stop departures from North Africa “.