Migrants, Piantedosi: “Human traffickers do not select entry”

The Minister of the Interior in his report to the Senate: “No one enters Italy illegally. Choices based on the protection of personal dignity”

”The government’s action is and will always be inspired by humanity and firmness. We have no intention of failing in our duties of hospitality and solidarity with people fleeing war and persecution. At the same time we firmly affirm the principle that people do not enter Italy illegally and that the selection of entry into Italy will not be made by human traffickers”. Thus the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosiin the report to the Senate on the management of migratory flows and on the recent interventions of NGO ships in the central Mediterranean.

”At the basis of the choices made there is an absolute priority: the protection of human dignity, of the dignity of the person”, he underlined.

Governing migratory flows is, ”as President Meloni stated”, one of those ”epochal challenges which cannot be tackled by individual States, on which the time has come for the European Union to develop a major policy for migrations”.

”At the moment there are around 100,000 migrants in national reception centers and the prefectures are increasingly signaling a trend towards saturation of available places and critical issues in finding new housing solutions, also due to the particular economic situation”, he said the minister.

”It is a certain fact that the international conventions in force do not establish a priori what the place of safety must be, nor that it must coincide, as is sometimes hastily said, with the nearest port and, consequently, that Italy must become loaded with all the migrants who are brought into our territorial waters by perfectly functional and well-equipped private naval structures and, therefore, without problems in terms of navigation safety”, he underlined.

”As of November 10, 69,078 requests for international protection had been presented, a good 56% more than in 2021 and 50,048 decisions had been issued, equal to about 27% more than in 2021. 57% of these decisions had as resulted in a refusal, while 43% concluded positively with the attribution of the following forms of protection: 13% were recognized as refugees, 12% obtained subsidiary protection, 18% special protection”, he said still Piantedosi.

”From the comparison between the data of arrivals, those of presentation of asylum applications and their limited acceptance, it can be deduced that the majority of people who arrive in Italy are driven by reasons of an economic nature and therefore have no right to stay on the national territory”, the minister then said, recalling: “The numbers of operations at sea, for over 90,000 migrant entries in 2022 alone, show a 60% increase compared to the same period of 2021, heavily affecting the system of national reception already experienced by arrivals from Ukraine, over 172,000 people welcomed in Italy”.


”The verbal note from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the conduct of the ship” Humanity1 ”was not in line with the spirit of European and Italian standards on border security and control and the fight against illegal immigration, therefore urging the flag State to take any necessary action to identify a place of safety for migrants, in the exercise of its powers on ships”.

Ocean Viking

”On November 3, the embassy of the Kingdom of Norway denied any responsibility for the search and rescue activities carried out outside its SAR area” in relation to the Ocean Viking ship, Piantedosi said.

”Starting from 22 October, the Ocean Viking sent requests for place of safety to the Italian, Maltese, Libyan, French, Greek and Spanish authorities and for information to Norway, the flag state”, Piantedosi explained, underlining that therefore ”Norway, as a flag State in this case as well, is urged to take any necessary action to identify a place of safety for migrants in the exercise of their powers on ships”.