Migrants, Piantedosi: “Salvation first of all but stopping death journeys”

The Minister of the Interior: “The National Committee for Order and Security will soon be convened”

“The aspects that induce to assume attitudes that require a certain sensitivity clearly come first. So the salvation of people and the humanitarian approach “. This was stated by the new Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi to the Giornale Radio Rai, announcing the line of the new government on the immigration front.” But it is certain – explains Piantedosi – that everything that can be aimed at prevent these trips from happeningwhich sometimes turn into death journeys, will be at our attention. “

The minister announces soon the convening of the National Committee for order and security public to address the issue of migrants, he explains, even with the police.

The owner of the Interior Ministry also lists the other priorities: youth violence with baby gangs and the risk of social tensions linked to the difficult moment. Point with respect to which he says: “I’m not worried because I know the resilience capacity of our country – he underlines – There is the will to face with all possible tools what may be the worst fallout, so at least in this phase – continues Piantedosi – I want to send out a signal of optimism, which is not underestimation. And therefore, as far as I’m concerned, it will impose to keep the attention high “.