Migrants, Pope: “No to death journeys”. Meloni: “Let’s make his words our own”

Bergoglio: “Stop the traffickers”. Anm: “You can’t impose not to flee”

”I renew my appeal to everyone so that similar tragedies do not happen again. Human traffickers are stopped. May they not continue to dispose of the lives of so many innocents. Journeys of hope never turn into journeys of death again, the clear waters of the Mediterranean are no longer bloodied by such dramatic incidents. May the Lord give us the strength to understand and to cry”. He said it Pope francesco after the recitation of the Angelus referring to the tragedy of the shipwreck of Cutro.

”I now express my pain for the tragedy that took place in the waters of Cutro, near Crotone, I pray for the many victims of the shipwreck, for their families and for those who survived – he added – I express my appreciation and my gratitude to the local population and to the institutions for solidarity and hospitality towards these brothers and sisters of ours”.

“The words of the Holy Father represent a great call for all institutions. As a government we make them ourscontinuing to deploy all necessary forces to fight human traffickers and stop deaths at sea,” wrote on Facebook the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.


”Everyone, starting with the state bodies, has a duty to fulfill their obligations to rescue at sea. The obligation is mandatory and everyone must benefit from it, regardless of the concrete possibility of individuals to remain legitimately on Italian territory afterwards”. This is what the ANM underlines in a document approved by the Central Steering Committee on the shipwreck of Cutro.

”In fact, no law could ever impose on anyone the duty not to flee countries where war or poverty prevent access to decent living conditions”, he continues. The ANM therefore hopes that ”in any circumstance the mandatory rescue obligation will always be respected, which is engraved in our Constitution even before international conventions”.

Today from Interpol unrepeatable assessment on smuggler’s cell phone

In the meantime, today Interpol in Catania will carry out a one-of-a-kind check on the cell phone of the underage Pakistani smuggler who was arrested last Monday on charges of having organized the trip together with three other smugglers. Also in prison are a Turk and another Pakistani. The telephone of the young man, who denies all accusations, is the only cell phone found by the smugglers after the shipwreck cost the lives of at least 70 people. This is why the exam that will be performed tomorrow morning in Catania is considered particularly important. From there the investigators will be able to extrapolate very important data. Contacts with human traffickers for example. Who did the young man chat with before leaving Izmir? With whom did he have contacts in Turkey? Who are his accomplices?

In the precautionary custody order, the investigating judge of the Catanzaro juvenile court wrote that the young man would be “used to managing migration routes”. Which would be inferable “from the role assumed since before the arrival on the Turkish coast”. Specifically, attention is paid to the “alarming methods of committing the crime”. The investigating judge also speaks of the “disturbing ease” with which the 17-year-old would have faced the journey during the crossing, “the familiarity shown in the management of the journey as a sign of habit with the world of crime connected to migratory routes”. All of this is said to be part of a series of “symptomatic elements” which have characterized “a highly dangerous and unrestrained personality”.

Meanwhile, yesterday the last victim of the shipwreck was identified. ‘KR70’ now has a name and a surname: it is a 5 and a half year old boy from Afghanistan. In the shipwreck, as Adnkronos learns, the father, mother and two little brothers died. One half year old, in the cold bureaucratic language ‘KR46’, while the third little brother is still missing. The 5 and a half year old boy was recognized by his uncles who arrived from Germany. In the Cara di Capo Rizzuto there are other mothers and other fathers who have lost their children. There are no parents alive with children or missing. There are two fathers looking for their children. Sixteen children have died so far in the shipwreck, although others are still missing.