Migrants, Salvini: “Disgusting to think that the Coast Guard will let them die”

“Coast Guard saves lives on business and on mission”

“The Coast Guard saves lives for work and for missions, it’s disgusting to assume that they don’t want to save a single human being. If you put small boats in the sea held together with staples it is clear that you put people at risk”. So to ’24 Mattino’ the leader of the League and Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini.

Should the Salvini decrees on immigration be reinstated? “A good part of those contents has already been taken up in the decree that we approved in Cutro and other parts can be added in the parliamentary work”, she then underlined.

Messina bridge

The decree for the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina “could arrive as early as this week if everyone provides the elements useful for closing the dossier. We are analyzing how many people would use it” and “how much it would save in terms of time and reduction of the environmental impact “, Salvini said, adding: “Italians are skeptical because it has never been done, so two or three more days don’t change anything”.


“We are here” for the reform of the procurement code, assured the minister of infrastructure and deputy prime minister. “I count on coming to the Council of Ministers next week if not this”, she added.