Migrants, Saviano: “NGOs are ambulances, Italy welcomes 6 times fewer than Germany”

The writer yesterday at ‘Che tempo che fa’: I would like to remind you that systematic lies are told about NGOs, refugees and immigration

“With the arrival of this government, with this Minister of the Interior and Salvini, I expected the operation to stop the NGOs and that it would go in this direction. I would like to remind you that systematic lies are being told about NGOs, refugees and “immigration. Italy welcomes six times fewer migrants than Germany. It is a lie to say” they fly the German flag, take them to Germany “. Do they have to circumnavigate Europe? There is an emergency and NGOs are ambulances. Someone he often says that it is the very presence of NGOs that increases departures, because they know they are being saved. It is false and has been proven by several international studies “. To affirm it is Roberto Saviano guest of Fabio Fazio at Che tempo che fa on Rai3.

“It is not the presence of NGOs or ships that makes the boats leave. We – underlines Saviano – do not often have information about drownings and shipwrecks. NGOs are also witnesses of what is happening. Another mistake, among other things, is that says the Minister of the Interior, is to say that NGOs that act not coordinated by the Italian State must be stopped. It is false: NGOs always act on the coordination of the Italian Coast Guard. NGOs are ambulances that take people to safer and closer ports therefore I cannot go to Germany. In this case there is a double fault, because Europe has shown itself willing to welcome and have shares of the people who are disembarking “.