Migrants, Scalfarotto (Az-Iv): “The Cutro Decree? Propaganda, a label as Mattei’s plan”

The former undersecretary of the Interior: “The truth is that the right, after gaining consensus on an immigration scare, is unable to handle it”

The conversion into law of the decree-law of 10 March 2023, n. 20, containing urgent provisions on the legal entry flows of foreign workers and the prevention and fight against irregular immigration, is moving towards scheduling in Parliament. “This is a purely propaganda measure and completely unsuitable for handling the issue,” says the Senator of the Third Pole Ivan Scalfarottowho as a former undersecretary of state first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the Conte II government and then at the Ministry of the Interior in the Draghi government, reminds Adnkronos: “I remember the attacks on Lamorgese, with lower numbers. The the truth is that propaganda continues: The problem of immigration is structural. The phenomenon must be managed with lucidity and tone down”.

The so said Cutro decree “first of all it confirms the tendency of this government – in spite of the words of the Minister of Justice – to manage every problem through the introduction of new crimes and harsher sentences which it is very doubtful will ultimately serve to dissuade the commission of new criminal acts – explains Senator Az-Iv – Furthermore, ignoring that the dead of Cutro were mainly asylum seekers and not economic migrants, the decree acts on the flow decree without recognizing that they, with the entire Bossi-Fini law, are part of the problem and not of the solution, given that in fact they make it impossible for regular entries into our country”. “We must – urges the former under secretary – as Fini himself said, modify the Bossi-Fini”.

According to Scalfarotto, the intervention on special protection is also “serious. The truth is that the right, after gaining consensus on an immigration scare that it itself has created – just remember the furious attacks against Lamorgese when the numbers of landings were a fraction of those of this year – today he is not able to handle it. To speak today of a government under attack after having for years ridden the alarm on this issue, preventing in any way from managing it in a rational way, is typical of the sorcerer’s apprentice unable to master its own spells”. The only certainty: “The right has no interest in solving the problem. Because migration is their main propaganda tool”. The Mattei plan? “But what is it? Has it started? – replies the former Undersecretary of the Interior – We often have labels. But beyond the announcements of the Prime Minister, it doesn’t seem to me that anything has been done”. (by Roberta Lanzara)