Migrants, Schlein: “Cdm in Cutro? Message late, government responds”

The dem secretary: “I want a Democratic Party that no longer finances the Libyan coastguard”

The CDM in Cutro “is a late message, because it comes after a long silence from the premier and an absence. We will look at the measures in depth but we are still waiting for an answer to a very simple question: who decided that the finance police would leave, with means that have proved inadequate, instead of the coast guard?”. You told Otto e Mezzo, on La7, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein.

In the waters of Cutro “the people remained at the mercy of the waves for seven hours. Frontex – underlines the dem leader – had already reported the boat and also the thermal presence. It is not true that some form of distress call is needed, for years the coast guard explains to us that in any case search and rescue must be activated in cases like this. Why should a wooden boat have to withstand the elements when the finance police could not? It is a massacre that deeply marks the conscience of the country , we ask to shed some light on what happened in the chain of command”.

“We will examine the decree in detail but clearly the fight against trafficking networks can be done in more effective ways. For these people who flee from situations of war and torture – Schlein explains again – the flow decree does not apply. The government should fight to change the Dublin treaty, and when I was in the European Parliament I never saw the right in the negotiations. The government should ask Orban and his allies to change the laws on reception”.

“We have just held a congress to bring out a clear political line. I want a Democratic Party that no longer finances the Libyan coast guard”, says the secretary. And to the question of Lilli Gruber who asks her if she is referring to the Minniti line, the leader of the dem answers yes. “Meloni is not asking for the reform of Dublin, the reason why thousands of migrants remain stranded in the first destination country. Instead of the war on NGOs, there needs to be a European research mission, a European mare nostrum, but on this the government remains silent”, Schlein continues.

“I want to be clear and challenge the government. Abolish and rewrite the Bossi-Fini law and think about a real work-based residence permit. They made this law in 2001, if it had worked in the last 20 years – underlines – we wouldn’t be here to talk about it. The hypocrisy I can’t stand from the right is that it always takes it out on irregular immigrants and not on those who exploit them to work in the fields”.