Migrants, Schlein: “Government is asking the wrong things from the EU”

“Lots for overcoming Dublin, EU sea rescue mission”

On the agenda of the European Council “there are also the issues of migration, even if it seems that the conclusions do not announce particular new measures: on this there is the letter from Ursula von der Leyen. I say to the Italian government, which celebrates the great attention it gets on this issue, which is not the right way, because they ask the wrong questions to the EU”. The secretary of the Democratic Party says so Elly Schleinon the sidelines of the PES pre-summit in Brussels.

“Instead, they should ask for a greater sharing of responsibilities on reception, overcoming the Dublin regulation, obtaining a search and rescue mission at sea. Because where the Coast Guard patrol boats and NGOs do not arrive, we still see tragedies and massacres at sea”, explains Schlein.

On the Kiev front, on the agenda of the pre-summit of the European Socialist Party in Brussels “there are the priorities of this European Council, starting naturally from the convinced support for Ukraine against the criminal invasion by Russia”, underlines the secretary of the Pd.