Migrants, Scholz: “We will not leave Italy alone”

The German Chancellor on the proposal to create hotspots on the external borders of the Union: “We must adopt an approach of solidarity and responsibility”

About migrants“Italy, Greece and the other Mediterranean countries face an enormous challenge, as the number of refugees arriving at their borders is increasing. We cannot leave Italy and the other countries alone, but we must adopt an approach of solidarity and responsibility”. The German chancellor told Corriere della Sera Olaf Scholz, speaking of the German proposal – which Rome is against – to create hotspots on the external borders of the Union, also in Greece and Italy, for the initial management of arrivals. “Germany – he added – is particularly affected by secondary immigration: last year not only more than one million men and women from Ukraine fled to the Federal Republic, but also 230,000 refugees from other countries came from us, even though we don’t have an external EU border”.

We need a joint distribution of responsibility and competence among EU member states – continues Scholz – as well as compliance with the standards for those seeking protection in the asylum and integration procedures in the EU Member States. My government is strongly committed to a reform of the Common European Asylum System and in our view this requires further efforts at Community level to make the control and protection of external borders more effective, in a humane way and in compliance with the rules in force. On the exact form of the proposals, intense discussions are underway in Brussels and Germany is also contributing. We also propose to work with countries of origin and transit countries to sustainably reduce irregular arrivals and instead allow for legal entry routes. This is not in contradiction with Italy’s position”.


We don’t know when this war will end. But one thing is clear: President Putin has a chance to end it immediately, ceasing hostilities and withdrawing troops. This could be followed by talks for a just peace between Ukraine and Russia, as Kiev has been proposing for some time. But Russia stands by its highest imperialist demands. We must therefore prepare ourselves to have to help Ukraine for a long time to come. And we will support Ukraine in achieving a just and lasting peace. To this end we are maintaining intense exchanges with Ukraine and with many other countries of the world”, Scholz said, speaking of the war in Ukraine and possible negotiations.

As for Ukraine’s possible entry into the EU and NATO, Scholz states that “for now it is a matter of doing everything to help Ukraine defend itself. The main objective is a just peace and an end to this terrible war which is causing so much suffering and destruction. It is clear that in a post-war situation, Ukraine will need concrete and reliable commitments from partners and allies to increase its security. We are already discussing this with Ukrainian policy makers and our closest allies. Ukraine belongs to the European family! We are determined to support you on your way to joining the EU. It is clear to everyone that membership of the European Union can only take place after the entry criteria have been met. The EU too must do its homework to be able to welcome new members”.