Migrants, shipwreck in Lampedusa: a girl dies

Prosecutor opens investigation. Mayor of Lampedusa: “Massacre continues, deafening silence from Europe too”

A almost 3-year-old girl drowned after the sinking of a boat this afternoon off the coast of Lampedusa. Despite the maneuvers of the resuscitators, the child, as confirmed by sources to Adnkronos, did not make it. The little girl died at the clinic where she had been taken after the shipwreck.

The survivors of the shipwreck were found in the water by the men of the Finance Police. The iron boat capsized and the migrants, 43 in all, ended up in the water. A two-year-old boy was rescued.

Some of Surviving migrants were admitted to the island’s outpatient clinic with burns from fuel and with drowning syndrome.

After the shipwreck, the Prosecutor of Agrigento has opened a filecurrently against unknown persons, for the crimes of aiding and abetting illegal immigration and death as a result of another crime.

The massacre continues and the victims are increasingly children. It is heartbreaking – the mayor of Lampedusa told Adnkronos Philip Mannino – What worries me is, above all, that it seems to be becoming a normal thing. There is a deafening silence around all these deaths. You should shout.”

“I am concerned above all by the silence of Europe – he underlined – I don’t want to make it a political issue, but I know the hardships of those who live on this island and the pain of those who land there”. Mannino welcomed Matteo Salvini at the airport, who will meet the Coast Guard tomorrow. “I will ask him to do something to prevent the massacres from continuing,” said the mayor of Lampedusa.