Migrants, sparks Rita Dalla Chiesa-Jebreal

The theme is the very hot one of the tragedy of Cutro’s deaths

Social sparks between Rita Dalla Chiesa and Rula Jebreal. The theme is the very hot one of the tragedy of Cutro’s deaths, on which Jebreal has dedicated several tweets critical of the government’s work. “Among the 76 victims, 32 of whom were minors, was Shahida Raza, a Pakistani athlete and mother who was desperately looking for a cure for her sick 3-year-old child. Meloni, Salvini and Piantedosi have demonstrated, beyond any reasonable doubt , of being inhumane,” Jebreal wrote.

The journalist’s words triggered the immediate reaction of Rita Dalla Chiesa, who blurted out in response to the tweet: “That’s enough. I’m surprised you still have any credibility. Sorry, but it’s difficult to accept your ethics lessons,” she said. wrote the deputy of Forza Italia. Jebreal in turn retorted dryly: “During the electoral campaign you defended the rhetoric that criminalizes refugees – sank the journalist -. Now, in the name of loyalty to a party that guaranteed her a seat in Parliament, she defends inhumanity /denies the seriousness of the omissions of a government that continues to blame 76victims”.

Dalla Chiesa then ‘corrected the shot’: “I was talking about the boat which unfortunately capsized today in Libyan waters”, underlined the deputy in reply to a user. And to another who pointed out that these were two different episodes that could not be confused, the deputy replied frankly: “You are absolutely right. It is true. Thanks for pointing it out to me. But I am still very tired of the constant utterances of this lady. She never misses an opportunity to shoot at a government that no longer allows her to always have the spotlight on her,” he said.