Migrants, Tajani: “France’s reaction disproportionate, Brussels adopts a code of conduct”

The words of the foreign minister to Corriere della Sera

“We have posed a political problem on the issue of migrants, we did not want to create any controversy. From France there has been a disproportionate reaction, also for their domestic political issues. We want stronger European action, because the seven thousand kilometers of the Italian coast is the southern border of Europe. Even Manfred Weber, the president of the EPP, has proved us right “. The Foreign Minister says so, Antonio Tajani, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, which tomorrow will participate in the EU Council of Foreign Ministers. “It is Europe that must make a plan, not Italy – underlines Tajani – We need a shared choice on relocation. We will address the issue of immigration with great serenity and determination, because the problem has been going on for years and we absolutely must solve it. I will ask which agreement says that the Italian ones are the ports where all migrants must disembark. I do not know that it exists “.

“We must prevent the landings – adds the minister – and when the traffickers’ boats are taken the engine is destroyed. We need a real European Marshall Plan for Africa and agreements with Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Niger and other Sahel countries. By 2050, there will be almost three billion Africans. The problem must be solved upstream by tackling climate change, disease, poverty, wars, terrorism “. Tajani explains that Italy is by no means isolated, “Germany and Luxembourg will respect the pacts, as we do. And Greece, Malta and Cyprus are also in solidarity, who have signed a joint declaration by the ministers of the interior with Italy because they have the same problem “. As for the relationship with Paris, Tajani specifies: “We do not want to make a controversy with France, we have not harmed them and we have always been correct. But we, with a serene confrontation, must defend Italy’s reasons. The principle that cannot pass. NGOs come to an agreement and take migrants on board “. And he clarifies: “We are asking for more Europe, we are asking the EU Commission to draw up a code of conduct for NGOs”.