Migrants, Tajani: “Germany asked only to respect EU rules”

“Germany, a friendly country”, but “when we need to give some messages, we do it with determination”

“Germany is our great interlocutor, it is a friendly country”, but “when we need to give some message, especially on the subject of immigration, we do it with determination to ensure compliance with the rules. We only asked that the ships some NGOs respect European rules when they rescue someone at sea and then ask to dock in the nearest ports. We did it officially, with great grace but also with great firmness “. The Foreign Minister declared this in Berlin to Rai microphones, Antonio Tajaniabout the case of ‘Humanity 1’.

“We need collaboration between all European countries, but also with the Balkan countries, to stop illegal immigration because it risks becoming an increasingly serious problem for all of us”, added the head of the Farnesina.