Migrants, Tajani: “The agreement with Tirana respects EU rules”

The Foreign Minister said this while speaking to journalists at the conclusion of the meeting of the G7 Foreign Ministers in Tokyo

“The agreement signed with the Albanian State respects all community rules, very different from other agreements that have been made by other countries. It aims to have maximum security and ensure that those who have not respected the rules and have no right of entering Italy can be accompanied back to their countries of origin”. This was said by the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, speaking to journalists at the conclusion of the meeting of the G7 Foreign Ministers in Tokyo. And again: “Only Italian military ships and not NGO ships can go to those ports. Only people who are not minors or pregnant women can go to those centers. This is an agreement written in full compliance with community rules and I believe that it is a positive choice.” (WHAT THE AGREEMENT PROVIDES)

The agreement

Two days ago Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a press conference held together with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, announced the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Rome and Tirana regarding the management of migratory flows. “Italy is Albania’s first commercial partner. There is a very close collaboration that already exists in the fight against illegality”, underlined Meloni, explaining the details of the agreement, which “envisages setting up migrant centers in Albania which can contain up to three thousand people”. An agreement that came under the scrutiny of the EU, which wanted to see clearly. And there are other countries, such as Germany, that would like to make a similar one, following in Italy’s footsteps. Furthermore, there seemed to be discontent between Meloni and the allies because, it was hypothesized, the prime minister had acted without consulting the Lega and Fi. Reconstruction, however, denied by the League itself: “Unlike what some behind the scenes claims in today’s newspapers, there is no bad mood between Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni. Furthermore, the agreement with Albania on immigration is useful and positive: the deputy prime minister and minister himself specified this publicly yesterday, confirming the League’s line”.