Migrants, today with the decree comes the new restriction

After the Meloni-Macron meeting the measure takes shape. Today the Council of Ministers: “Still issues to resolve”

The disagreements of the past are now far away, on the topic of migrants, Giorgia Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron focus on the anti-traffickers strategy, to face, together, the wave of flows arriving on the European coasts, a wave that shows no signs of abating. The meeting, “long and cordial”, sees them alone for 90 minutes, without accompanying delegations: a direct and frank face to face, which comes three months after the clarifying meeting at the Elysée. Once the secular funeral of President Emeritus Giorgio Napolitano which brought Macron to Rome concluded, the two reach Palazzo Chigi on foot, one next to the other, chatting amiably, even if Meloni’s face betrays a bit of tension. The square is armored, the meeting not confirmed until the last minute.

Meloni-Macron meeting, the issues on the table

Together the two leaders also talk about the economic challenges facing Europe, but the migrant dossier is the highlight of the meeting. The tete a tete, moreover, comes a few days after Macron’s assist in Rome, with Paris ready to “help Italy, which is doing its part as the first safe haven”, while on the Rome-Berlin route there is stormy air, the vitriolic letter sent by the prime minister to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attests to the climate.

Macron, like Meloni, aims to “dismantle the trafficking network”, a challenge that must involve the whole of Europe. He therefore needs a plan to combat and deter departures that involves everyone, and an outstretched hand to Africa with an ad hoc program. These are issues that will be addressed next Friday during the Euromed summit scheduled in Malta, and which will return to the table of the informal European Council in Granada. And with respect to which Meloni can count on Macron’s support. In the meantime, however, the prime minister must insist on the announced ‘phase 2’, because the migrant emergency from a workhorse in the electoral campaign has transformed, ironically, into a thorn in the government’s side.

The migrant decree, today the squeeze

And so today a new crackdown will arrive in the Council of Ministers to try, as far as possible, to stop the number of landings. The decree was on the pre-council table at Palazzo Chigi yesterday, but “there are still many issues to be resolved”, transpires from those working on the dossier. The draft law provides for expulsions for serious security reasons: remove those who are considered socially dangerous; in case of unavailability of the structures, 16-year-olds can also be accommodated in ordinary centres, while the coast guard will enter the hotspots. No more reception centers exploding, the decree provides limits to the exceptions to the capacity of the structures, even for minors.

But the real hard blow is on those who lie about their identity, on those who pass themselves off as minors in order not to be repatriated. In fact, the law provides for expulsion for anyone who is tracked down, with investigations to ascertain the truth, which also include X-rays, dactyloscopic and anthropometric findings. A new step, after the decision to extend detention in repatriation centers to 18 months which arrived just a week ago. Meloni adds another piece to a puzzle that needs everyone’s contribution because Italy, as stated in the speech to the United Nations General Assembly and reiterated today also to Macron, cannot do it alone.