Migrants, UN flag for humanitarian ships: petition on change.org

The petition addressed to the secretary general of the United Nations also calls for the cancellation of the Libyan Sar zone “because Libya does not guarantee any safe haven or respect for human rights”

The UN flag for humanitarian vessels. This is the appeal contained in a petition launched on change.org and addressed to António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, Volker Türk, High Commissioner for Human Rights, Václav Bálek, President of the Human Rights Council, Kitack Lim, Secretary of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) promoted by various realities of the Italian civil world. The promoting committee is made up of the Human Rights Film Festival of Naples, Resq People Saving People, Pressenza press agency, Asgi, Pax Christi and Atlas of World Wars and Conflicts.

”The situation in the Mediterranean has become increasingly dramatic in recent years – reads the petition – shipwrecks with thousands of dead and missing, thousands more men, women and children taken back to the Libyan hell from which they had tried to escape by going to sea , humanitarian ships subjected to a fierce criminalization of solidarity. It is necessary to act to interrupt this spiral of death”. The requests of the petition: ”Providing NGO ships with the UN flag, to protect the work of humanitarian organizations that effectively implement the duty of sea rescue required by international standards; Eliminate the so-called Libyan Sar zone, because Libya does not guarantee any safe haven or respect for human rights”.

“The United Nations and the IMO can do it, but for this an international pressure is needed, which through a large collection of signatures calls these two great organizations to choose to protect the life and dignity of the crews of humanitarian ships and of migrants snatched from certain death at sea. It is necessary that the many people who are indignant and horrified at the absolute contempt for life shown by European governments commit themselves personally to ensure that the fundamental rights of every human being are respected”, declared Maurizio Del Bufalo, coordinator of the Film Festival of Rights Humans of Naples. To join the appeal of the petition on the Change.org platform. The campaign has already garnered widespread support from associations and personalities.