Migrants, von der Leyen launches the Global Alliance against traffickers

“We know how difficult it is to tackle migrant trafficking but when we joined forces we made progress.” With these words the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, opened the Brussels conference against migrant trafficking. “From my visit to Lampedusa – he added – we have joined forces with Italy. Managing the crisis is important but it is not enough. We need a systemic response that excludes traffickers from these activities”. For the number one of the European Commission it is therefore necessary “to establish new bilateral partnerships that focus on routes but we also need a global Alliance”.

Conference in Brussels

The Conference organized in Brussels brings together representatives of 57 countries around the world and was announced by Ursula von der Leyen at the State of Union last September. For Italy, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, participates. Cooperation between the states of the European Union is the focal point of the speech by the President of the Commission. “We must cooperate between member countries and agencies with a single European center that coordinates information. Europol must increase its forces to support member countries”, explained von der Leyen, also announcing an update of European legislation to make the fight against traffic. “We must prevent and dissuade people from entrusting their lives to traffickers. The best way to save lives is to prevent these people from making that journey,” she added.

The new European proposal

Ursula von der Leyen then also mentioned the new European proposal to make EU action more effective. “We will work together to update EU legislation and apply the protocol against migrant smuggling, to strengthen the role of Europol and strengthen the European center against migrant smuggling”, she underlined. It is therefore necessary to reiterate the importance of cooperation because, repeated the President of the Commission, “migrant trafficking is a global and common challenge. We must unite our weight. Start a new era of cooperation with a global alliance to fight traffickers. Give a better chance to millions of people. This is why we are launching a call to action, open to all those who want to join us”, he concluded.