Migrants, von der Leyen: “Phenomenon must be managed, EU agreement close”

The president of the EU Commission in plenary in Strasbourg: “Resistance and patient work with key partners are needed”

“I have always been strongly convinced that migration must be managed. Resistance and patient work with key partners are needed.” She says it the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyenin the State of the Union speech in Strasbourg in the plenary of the Parliament.

“We need unity within the Union – he continues – this is the spirit of the new pact on migration and asylum. When we took office, there didn’t seem to be any compromise in sight. But with the pact we mark a new balance: between protecting borders and protect people, between sovereignty and solidarity, between security and humanity. The agreement on the pact has never been so close: Parliament and the Council have a historic opportunity to bring it to the finish line. Let’s demonstrate that Europe can manage migration effectively and with compassion. Let’s do it,” he explains.

The EU has “worked closely with partners in the Western Balkans, reducing irregular flows” of migrants. “We have signed a partnership with Tunisia which entails mutual benefits, beyond migration, from energy to education, from skills to security. Now we will work for similar agreements with other countries”, underlines the president of the European Commission.

The EU, he continues, “must work with partners to fight against the global scourge of human trafficking. This is why the Commission will organize an international conference to fight against human trafficking. It is time to put an end to this criminal business”.

“I am proud to announce that the European Commission will propose to extend temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU”, she reveals in plenary in Strasbourg. “Since the beginning of the war – he recalls – four million Ukrainians have found refuge in our Union. I want to tell them that they are as welcome today as they were in the first weeks” of the Russian invasion.