Migrants, von der Leyen will be with Giorgia Meloni in Lampedusa

However, the timing of the visit to the island is unclear

Ursula von der Leyen will be in Italy today for the topic of migrants. The President of the European Commission will meet Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in Rome as her spokesperson announced this morning on the sidelines of an event in Hanau. Meloni and von der Leyen would therefore intend to visit Lampedusa together, added the spokesperson. It is unclear exactly when this weekend the visit to the island, which has been in the spotlight in recent days for the flurry of landings.

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that she had written to the President of the EU Commission to invite her to go to Lampedusa. In this way she could “personally realize the gravity of the situation we face and immediately accelerate the realization of the agreement with Tunisia by transferring the agreed resources”.

The Prime Minister also said that she had “written to the President of the European Council Michel to ask that the migration issue be included on the agenda of the October European Council”. “It is my intention at that time to reiterate that it is necessary to immediately launch an EU mission to block the departures of the boats”, said Meloni. To stop the flow of illegal migrants and the landings on the Italian coasts, he reiterated, “we need a European mission, including naval, if necessary, in agreement with the authorities of North Africa, to stop the departure of the boats”.

“The migratory pressure that Italy has been undergoing since the beginning of this year is unsustainable – he underlined – the result of a very difficult international situation which combines the problems that African countries already had with a situation of growing instability, particularly in the area of the Sahel. It is clear, however, that Italy and Europe cannot accommodate this enormous mass of people”.