Milan, 21-year-old allergic eats tiramisu and dies: 4 suspects

Manslaughter case opened

A 21-year-old with an allergic hypersensitivity died after eating a tiramisu containing traces of milk. A death, which arrived after ten days in a coma, on which the Milan prosecutor’s office has now opened up a manslaughter case file. On January 26, the young woman was having dinner with her boyfriend in a restaurant in the center, already frequented by the two and known for its vegan dishes, when she decided to order a tiramisu. An unreleased that, perhaps, was fatal to her although nothing about her on her label reports anything that could have given her anaphylactic shock. After a few teaspoons, the girl felt bad and help was called: the rush to San Raffaele, however, was not enough: yesterday the 21-year-old, AB her initials, she died.

The investigations, coordinated by prosecutor Luca Gaglio, started immediately: the seven jars of tiramisu Tiramisun, present in the Milanese restaurant, were ‘blocked’ (administrative detention), while the other jars were withdrawn from the market today. The product “may contain traces of dairy products. Consumers are invited not to consume the product and to bring it back to the point of sale for reimbursement”, reads the website of the Ministry of Health which puts an alert on the product (Mascherpa tiramisù brand produced by Glg srl in Assago) to those who are allergic to milk proteins.

The seizure became necessary after the first qualitative analyzes which revealed the presence of milk proteins, but only the quantitative analyzes – entrusted to the Nas laboratories – will be able to better clarify any responsibilities. Inspections are underway in the manufacturing company, but at the moment there are no suspects. It is not so obvious that it was the dessert that caused the anaphylactic shock: traces of eggs to which she was allergic were found in the mayonnaise inside the sandwich, eaten shortly before. An element that could widen the possible responsibilities on death, death of which it will be difficult to reach the cause with certainty. The prosecutor has ordered an allergy consultation, while during the week (not before Thursday) there will be an autopsy on the 21-year-old.

There is no certainty that the sweet was the cause of the anaphylactic shock, from the latest analyzes it also emerges that the girl ate a sandwich with mayonnaise, a homemade sauce in which traces of eggs to which she was allergic would have been found, as well as being ‘intolerant’ to milk. An element that could widen the possible responsibilities on death, death of which it will be difficult to reach the cause with certainty.

THE SUSPECTS – The carabinieri of the Nas of Milan, together with the Ats Città Metropolitana, “are carrying out intensive investigations aimed at reconstructing the episode of serious anaphylaxis” which led to the death – after ten days in a coma at the San Raffaele hospital – of the young woman. This was announced by the chief prosecutor of Milan, Marcello Viola.

“The analytical investigations carried out immediately” on the sample of tiramisu seized “allowed us to detect the presence of milk proteins in a vegan dessert packaged and produced by a company operating in the province of Milan”, in Assago, “already withdrawn from the market following seizure of evidence”.

The prosecutor’s investigation was opened with the hypothesis of a crime “of manslaughter, fraud in the exercise of trade and sale of non-genuine foodstuffs”. At present “four people are registered in the register of suspects”.