Milan, a child who died of hardship: the suspicion of abuse arises from the chat

A man is also investigated, the accusation is of bribery of a minor

There is a new charge against Alessia Pifferi, his mother has been in prison since the end of July on charges of letting her 18-month-old daughter Diana die. The investigative hypothesis, which also involves a 56-year-old from Bergamo, arises from the chats extrapolated by the Milanese investigators from the woman’s cell phone. In particular, there is a written exchange that has alarmed the Milan prosecutor’s office. ‘I want to kiss her too’ and her mother’s reply: ‘You will’. Words, which are now looking for evidence, which triggered a house search by the policemen of the Mobile team: at the home of the man, with whom Alessia Pifferi had a relationship, six cell phones and two computers were seized.

Both are under investigation for corruption of minorscrime
which punishes – with a penalty of up to five years – anyone who carries out sexual acts in the presence of a minor. The accusations could become even more serious if the abuse of the child, found lifeless on 20 July last, were ascertained. Her mother, detained in San Vittore, must answer for multiple voluntary homicide for having abandoned her daughter “for seven days” in her home in via Parea, on the eastern outskirts of Milan, leaving her to die of starvation.

From the preliminary report of the autopsy it emerges that the little girl was made to take some drops of tranquilizers ‘En’ (benzodiazepines), a substance diluted in the milk contained in the bottle present in the cradle, but it will be necessary to wait for the final report of the experts in order to know the quantity and date of the assumption of anxiolytics, whose administration has always been denied by the woman. Today a new tile appears for Alessia Pifferi: from the contents of the chat The whole truth about her lifestyle emerges: alone and unemployed she would not have begged for sexual intercourse in exchange for money and would not have escaped that ambiguous exchange via chat on which prosecutors Francesco De Tommasi and Rosaria Stagnaro are now investigating.