Milan, beaten by the police: woman files a complaint

The prosecutor watches videos to resolve doubts about the versions

Bruna, the transgender woman who was surrounded by four local police officers and hit with a truncheon on Wednesday 24 May, overcame her fear and went to the office of the lawyer Debora Piazza to report what happened in via Sarfatti in Milan.

“She’s terrified that someone might still do harm, she can’t see the images that capture the scene of her on the ground, she’s very scared but her friends convinced her to report,” says the lawyer who accompanied the 42-year-old of origin to the SVS center of Mangiagalli in order to have a report to attach to the lawsuit that the lawyer will present, once completed, directly to the prosecutor’s office where on the table of the prosecutor Giancarla Serafini and the deputy Tiziana Siciliano there is a file, charged to unknown, for personal injury. A decisive complaint to be able to continue the investigation.

The woman has a “bad head wound”, there would still be some clotted blood, which could be compatible with the truncheon, or which she could have gotten by herself when in the car – to be taken to via Custodi where the offices for the photo signaling – violently headbutted the windows and central safety bulkhead in the car. Bruna reconstructed what happened to the lawyer, starting from the “outcry” near the Trotter park which led to the intervention of the local police with the four agents who, with difficulty, managed to get her into the car. Here the versions differ: if the ‘cast iron’ tell that the 42-year-old tried to escape, after feigning illness in the car, she instead speaks of a “beating, of an unmotivated attack by the police”.


The story of the victim on the one hand and that of the four local police officers on the other. It is on the conflicting parts of the story that the prosecutor aims to shed light through the dozens of cameras that run parallel to the car route taken by the agents from via Giacosa to the Bocconi area.

In the first intervention between the benches a few steps from the Trotter park, Bruna is described as a troublesome person, who bites her hand making it bleed, then spits blood threatening to infect those present. Blocking it and putting it in the service car is not easy, but it is along the way that the versions diverge and establishing all the phases is crucial for the prosecution to be able to fully evaluate what was filmed in via Sarfatti. For the ‘cast iron’ the 41-year-old would have attempted to harm herself, then she would have violently headbutted the car windows and the central safety bulkhead, starting to bleed from her forehead.

Between via Castelbarco and via Sarfatti, according to the version of the uniforms, he would have simulated an illness, therefore – this is the reason for the stop a few meters from the offices in via Custodi where the car was destined – he would have attempted to escape by hitting an officer. The rest is imprinted in the frames of the videos, different, taken by the students present who show kicks, pepper spray and a baton against the 41-year-old. The victim’s story differs: she admits her agitation, the headbutts in the car, the insults, but she rules out having faked an illness and describes herself as a chosen victim. The prosecutor awaits a detailed report on those images to attribute any responsibility to the individuals in the matter and proceed with any registrations for personal injuries. Bruna would have turned to a lawyer and would be ready to file a complaint.