Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics, Salvini in the control room with Abodi

Two options for skating competitions

At the opening of the meeting “Minister Abodi announced the decision to share the chairmanship of the Cabinet with the Deputy Prime Minister Salvini and the entry of Minister Locatelli”. This is what emerged from the control room that met today at Palazzo Chigi in relation to the ‘Milano Cortina 2026’ Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. This can be read in the press release from Palazzo Chigi.

On the organizational issues of the “priority was given to identifying the site for the speed skating competitions, after the renunciation of Baselga di Pinè. There are two options on the table: the Fiera di Rho, the Milan proposal presented in detail today by the managing director Varnier, and the Turin Oval. On March 29, the Foundation’s proposal evaluated with a comparative framework will be brought to the Cio, while the final decision is set for April 18”.

Still with regard to the host structures, “Mayor Sala took stock of the progress of the technical-administrative and construction site procedures on the Olympic Village, on Santa Giulia, where the PalaItalia will be built, on the Palasharp and the Forum, works for which no show critical issues. Among the items on the agenda examined also the proposal for a legality protocol for the realization of the Games”, he adds.