Milan crisis, Pioli: “Many things don’t work”

The Rossoneri coach after the defeat against Lazio: “Shut up and work”

“There are many things that don’t work: mental, tactical aspect…”. Milan is overwhelmed by Lazio, rings the fifth consecutive game without a win and, in the midst of the crisis, says goodbye to the Scudetto. “How do you explain this knockout? It can be explained by quickly returning to Milanello to work well, we are not fielding performances up to our possibilities. There are many things that are not working: mental, tactical aspect… I’m here to talk because I have to, because otherwise we would have to keep quiet and certainly work better”, says the Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli to Dazn. “It’s a delicate moment. In the last two and a half weeks we haven’t brought home any performances or results and it’s clear that we all have to do better,” he adds.

“Worried? It’s not easy. Things don’t go well for us. Today we created situations to be dangerous. The problem today isn’t too much when we have the ball, but when we’re without it, there’s no coverage and lucidity, we need clearer communication. I only know one way to improve: to work. These are situations that have been repeated for several games and on which we have to work well, because continuing to make these mistakes means complicating the game from a tactical and mental point of view; all these negative results lead to negativity.” goes on.

“Goodbye Scudetto? “We have to go back to playing as we know how: this is our first goal and we have to do it as soon as possible. Let’s resume our journey and our journey, I’ll try to talk less and work more”.