Milan, demonstration today for peace in Ukraine

In piazza Calenda, Renzi and Moratti

Demonstration in Milan in support of the Ukrainian people, organized by the Third Pole at the Arco della Pace. According to an estimate by the organizers, about five thousand people took part today in the demonstration in support of the Ukrainian people, organized by the Third Pole at the Arco della Pace in Milan. A demonstration that saw the presence of numerous political exponents of various camps, without party flags, united in the desire to ask for a stop to the war.

In the square, today in Milan, in addition to the leaders of Action and Italia Viva, Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi, who strongly wanted this appointment, there was also a large presence of prominent personalities of Lombard politics. Among all the deputy of the Democratic Party Carlo Cottarelli and the former vice president of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti. The two could decide to work on a ‘ticket’ for the next regional elections in 2023, which would allow them to challenge the outgoing governor, the Northern League Attilio Fontana.

There was no shortage of smiles and handshakes between the two, but while the former commissioner for the spending review indulged in declarations of esteem for the former mayor of Milan, also opening up the possibility of establishing a dialogue on the possibility of working together, Moratti limited himself to reciprocating his esteem for Cottarelli, while maintaining strict confidentiality over everything else. Both when she arrived and when she left, she did not want to answer questions that did not exclusively concern the Ukrainian question.

CALENDA – “There is a definition for Giuseppe Conte: it is called indifference, and in Italian culture indifference is of the right, it has nothing to do with the left” said the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda. “Conte – explained Calenda – was with Salvini when he was a Putinist, he is pro-Trump, he signed the silk road with the Chinese and then decided that he is progressive. Now he has decided that he is a pacifist, tomorrow he will decide that he is a communist and between four days he will become a nationalist “.

“I will not say a word on the issue of regional in Lombardy, we are here for Ukraine. Nice that Letizia Moratti is in the square, it is not a monopoly of the left” he said about the adhesion of the former vice president of the Lombardy Region. Letizia Moratti. “It is important – explained Calenda – that there are personalities who go beyond the political spectrum but this demonstration must not be politicized”.

“If the ideal of peace is to disarm the Ukrainians, it is the ideal of submission. We all want peace, but where does peace come from? From freedom or from enslavement?”. Then, to the reporters who asked him if this justified two squares, the Milanese one and the Roman one, Calenda replied: “Sure! I heard the interventions from the other square. They ask for peace, but how? We don’t know. They ask ‘ Let everyone lay down their weapons, aggressors and assaults. “Apart from the fact that the attackers do not lay down their weapons at all, what should the attacked people do? When should they lay them down? When do they arrive in Kiev?”.

“I am sorry that Letta is not here. He would not have been challenged. Here is half of the Lombard Democratic Party” said the leader of Action. “No one would have contested Enrico Letta” in Milan, unlike what happened at the Roman demonstration, Calenda then remarked, “because if there is one thing that must be acknowledged to Enrico Letta it is the total linearity on the Ukrainian question. And so here it would be was only applauded. “

“We are entitled to sing ‘Bella ciao'” said the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, before intoning the notes of the famous song symbol of the Resistance at the end of his speech on the stage of the event. The intervention of the Action leader lasted about 20 minutes.

MORATTI – “We have to decide which side to take and who to support” said Letizia Moratti on the sidelines of the event. “I believe – Moratti says – that we all want peace in Ukraine, but peace without justice cannot exist. The Ukrainian people have been attacked, Europe supports and supported them. Being here today means reaffirming true support,” concrete that can allow Ukraine to have a just peace “.