Milan, drug addict and without a license: those who killed an 11-year-old child on a bike arrested

Mohanad was thrown from a car traveling at over 90 kilometers per hour. The cameras show the “carefree kid” before impact

Nour Amdouni, the young man who hit and killed Mohanad Moubarak, 11, while playing on his bike via Bartolini in Milan on the evening of August 9, was arrested for street murder and fleeing for not having helped. The 20-year-old, immediately investigated, was driving without a license (never obtained), and in the investigation papers it emerges the use of drugs. Not only that: his Smart was traveling at a speed of at least 90 kilometers per hour (almost double the limit) and he drove with his left leg in plaster. Data that led the investigating judge of Milan Fiammetta Modica to accept the request for a precautionary measure in prison advanced by the prosecutor Rosario Ferracane.

Amdouni, known for “numerous and recent judicial precedents”, crossed piazza Firenze shortly after midnight on 9 August, passed the traffic lights in viale Monte Ceneri and collided with the bike on which the child was playing, not far from the restaurant of the father. A devastating impact that knocked Mohanad over 20 meters from the bike and killed him instantly. No sign of braking, no slowdown and an escape “without some hesitation”. The investigations of the local police, coordinated by the prosecutor Rosario Ferracane, made it possible to find “stringent and concordant” elements to deny the 20-year-old who turned himself in (about three and a half hours after the accident) to the traffic police, trying, however, to place the blame to the victim. An admission of responsibility that for the prosecution is not a “concrete sign of resipiscence, but is clearly the result of a precise opportunistic and strategic calculation”, aimed at avoiding arrest.

A thesis shared by the judge who underlines how Mohanad did not commit recklessness. The progress of the child “appears normal, without sudden maneuvers or a sustained speed” as shown by the frames of the cameras, writes the investigating judge in the order. The last moments are those of “a carefree little boy who was wandering around in a known place, on a summer night “. For the judge” the lack of clarity and quick reflexes deriving from drug use, together with imprudent driving behavior have certainly influenced the sighting ability of the ‘obstacle even before the ability to implement a possible emergency maneuver “.

Amdouni has “amply demonstrated that it has no capacity for containment and self-control, being reasonable and logical to assume that the same – totally devoid of humanity and pity on the occasion of the accident – can easily violate any more gradual measure of house arrest and, even by driving other means (which he demonstrates to have the ability to easily dispose of even though he does not have a driving license), commit other crimes “of the same type. He acted with “full awareness” and, as regards the escape “with a reprehensible and contemptuous demeanor towards human life”.

After escaping, he acted in an attempt “to guarantee impunity”, first abandoning the car not far from the crash site, “then going by taxi to the accident site to understand what had happened, trying to find news from the web , contacting a lawyer for a consultation “. The judge notes the “alarming coldness and the lucidity shown on the occasion of the violent impact with the victim “which highlight” the high social danger of the suspect and the unequivocal inability to control himself. It is therefore necessary to put a barrier to protect the community, in order to prevent the recurrence of criminal conduct of the same type. “The only possible measure is prison.