Milan, Geronimo La Russa: “The new rules in areas B and C? Mobility is for everyone, not against”

“Road safety is fundamental and technology can help us; therefore the introduction of sensors on heavy vehicles to detect pedestrians and cyclists is absolutely positive, while bans, as we have been saying for some time, are not”. The said it president of Aci Milano, Geronimo La Russaarriving at the conference ‘Lombardy locomotive of Italy. The future of transport between the Olympics, tourism and sustainability”, underway at Palazzo Lombardia.

“We cannot move forward with mobility against someone but we must all think together for mobility for everyone – states La Russa -. We cannot think of mobility without rubber, without cars, it is a utopia. Rather, we need to think about an integrated system with public transport increasingly at the centre.”

The proposal of the president of Aci Milano is “postpone further restrictions on access to the city, also because we have seen that they are not very efficient and, since the bans have been introduced, more cars are entering than before. So this is definitely not the solution. Instead, we need to focus on more efficient public transport, for example by thinking quickly about the M6.” In any case “on a non-ideological mobility, which is not against anyone, but which has respect for everyone”.