Milan, girl raped on a regional train: one arrest

A 36-year-old man is in handcuffs. The episode dates back to last April 5th

A 36-year-old Egyptian was arrested for the sexual assault episode that took place in early April on board a train passing through Milan. The precautionary custody order was issued by the investigating judge at the request of the fifth department of the Milan prosecutor’s office, for serious indications of guilt against the man. The investigations began after the victim’s complaint, a young girl, who on the morning of April 5 had reported to the Polfer of Treviglio (Bg) that she had been the victim of sexual violence on board a regional train, committed by another traveller. At first, the man had shown himself to be cordial and helpful, providing the girl with information and directions on the trains to take, but suddenly, taking advantage of the absence of other passengers who had meanwhile got off at the respective stops, he had attacked her, forcing her to suffer sexual acts, despite the resistance of the victim. The girl had managed to free herself and escape the attacker who, taking advantage of the excited moments, had managed to lose track of her.

The investigations, launched immediately after the facts, were conducted jointly by the policemen of the Lombardy railway police department and of the specialized section against sexual offenses of the Milan Flying Squad, through the analysis of the images acquired by the video surveillance cameras present on board the train and in the stations affected by the transit of man, as well as by the analysis of the traffic of telephone cells. The 36-year-old, after being accompanied to the police station, was arrested under the order issued by the Milanese investigating judge and, at the end of the ritual acts, taken to the San Vittore prison to await validation.