Milan-Inter, how much is the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia worth?

7.5 million will be shared, with only 500,000 euros more for the winner. 10% to the League

Wednesday 18 January, at 6 pm, Milan and Inter they take to the field to contend for the Italian Super Cup, the trophy that pits the winner of the Scudetto and the winner of last season’s Coppa Italia against each other. So, San Siro sold out for yet another derby? No, because it is played in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh.

By now, subject to the break imposed by Covid, it has become a habit. Going abroad to play allows you to earn more money and opens up new avenues for marketing. For this reason, what was a traditional early season appointment has been moved to the calendar and also to the venue. Basically, it’s about money.

States that need to promote football are in fact willing to pay to import a cartel match. The Super Cup was played in the United States, Libya, China and Qatar. Now it has moved to Saudi Arabia, for an agreement signed in 2018. Two previous ones, 2019 and 2020, and, in addition to this one in 2023, another edition will also have to be held in Riyadh in the next three years.

But how much money is on the table? Milan and Inter will share more or less 7.5 million euros. The 10% that will go to Lega Serie A must be subtracted, while the team that wins will collect only 500,000 euros more than the other finalist. Because? Because the transfer to Saudi Arabia, considering both the potential opportunities and the real costs, is a commitment that must be paid well to both clubs.