Milan-Inter, Pioli: “We have to believe in it, let’s hope Leao makes it”

The Rossoneri coach: “I’m sorry because we wanted another performance and another result”

“Inter played better in the first half and managed to score two goals, we played better in the second half and didn’t manage to score. This is football at this level. Inter put more goals in the first half quality, we missed too many balls. Until the seventh minute, Inter had not yet entered our area, then they scored on the first corner kick. It is clear that we had to be more attentive and ready, especially on the second goal. We’re sorry because we wanted another performance and another result, but we have to believe in it because the games can change. We will try to do better in the second leg”. These were the words of Milan coach Stefano Pioli to Prime Video after the Milan-Inter match of Champions League.

“The goal was to be a compact, intense, aggressive team. I think Inter got the better of many second balls, where the ball is yours or mine, and they won it. They were very good at scoring two goals, the game got very complicated from a tactical and mental point of view, then I saw a great reaction there and that’s what we have to do in the second leg” added Pioli, happy with the reaction from Milan in the second half: “We have to start from the attitude of the second half, the match was much more balanced and we had the chance to shorten. We must have an intense, energetic and qualitatively much higher approach than today. We have to raise the level and put in a very different performance from tonight’s first half and much closer to that of the second half. The lads are aware that it’s not the performance and result we wanted, there is disappointment and the determination and willingness to try and change this result in the second leg. Will Lea make it? We see. Today he wasn’t in condition, there are six days left and the hope is that he can do it. Why was I so angry with the referee at the end of the game? Because in many situations I have seen half and half two different weights and measures”.