Milan, Massimo Boldi: “The city is now unsafe, I left”

The actor to Adnkronos: “It’s worse than in the past, I’m going home and locking myself in the ‘safe'”

“The situation of security in Milan has certainly worsened compared to the past, especially in neighborhoods where there is a lack of money, which pushes people more to commit crimes. I left.” The well-known Milanese actor spoke to Adnkronos Massimo Boldiwho analyzes the situation in his city in light of the latest episodes of violence which occurred in the shadow of the Madonnina and the resulting alarm situation. “Malaise and crime proliferate especially in the poorest neighbourhoods, also because people are capable of doing anything to make a little money”, explains Boldi.

“To tell the truth – recalls the actor – even when I was young, forty years ago, and I was a singer, leading a life with crazy hours between the nightclubs where I played until late at night, there were safe neighbourhoods, where you could walk even late at night without problems, and those where there was a dangerous situation. But now the situation has gotten worse.” Reason why Boldi, for years, he decided to go and live in a ‘satellite’ city outside Milan.

“I left, I live out of town. When I got home I was practically locked in a safe, with cameras and security systems of private security, and fortunately for many years the situation where I live has been calm”, explains the interpreter of cult blockbusters such as ‘Christmas Vacation’ and ‘Yuppies’ to Adnkronos. “However, it must be said that crime and lack of security is a problem that affects almost all metropolises, not just Milan”, concludes Boldi.