Milan, must pay drug debts: forces former 16-year-old to prostitute herself with 50 men

A 26-year-old arrested, charged with threats, violence and attempted extortion

A 26-year-old was arrested for forcing his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend into sexual encounters “with at least 40-50 men” in order to use the money of those services, cost established by him, to “pay off debts to a drug supplier”. The handcuffs were placed in a municipality in the Milanese hinterland for alleged abuses that occurred between October 2023 and January 2024. From the charge of the Milan prosecutor’s office it emerges that the man, once the minor’s passwords were stolen, spread the hot photo. The 26-year-old also has to answer for threats and violence: “he hit her with punches, slaps, slaps, blows on the nose, he kicked her, insulted her for reasons of jealousy, tried to strangle her putting his hands around her neck, he threw an electric cigarette at her.”

Among the charges there is also that of attempted extortion: he demanded the sum of 1,000 euros from his ex-girlfriend’s father, a sum which if it had not been paid to him would have led to the disclosure of compromising photos of his daughter. It is the young girl’s mother who reports her suspicions about that boy to the police, suspicions confirmed by the minor herself who would not have hidden any details from the investigators than immediately.

According to the investigating judge of Milan Alberto Carboni, the victim’s statements “are linear, coherent and present numerous corroborating aspects”, he recounted episodes “whose expression is certainly very difficult for a girl of just 16 years old”, while for the 26 year old with a “personality prone to violence and, above all, subject to outbursts of anger that lead to a total loss of self-control” the only possible response – also given the risk of repeating his conduct or committing new crimes – is prison.